The Alice in Wonderland Collectors Tag!!!

Hi Everyone today I decided to try out a tag Otaku Prince Yuki created to show my Alice in wonderland collection,

I wasn’t sure how I was going to present this (I’m a little camera shy) so I decided to post it on my sad little blog.

So there are 11 questions and I shall start with the first one,

1. In the words of Caterpillar, who are you?

So my name is Kim I’m 22 years old and from Australia, I’m a bit odd and awkward at times but usually happy just making it up as I go.

2. So, why Alice? Why did you start collecting Alice in Wonderland stuff?

I came across one of the Alice in Wonderland books we had and decided to read a few years ago and fell in love with the story because it embraced the mad things that can happen and at the time my life was a roller coaster and it gave me the comfort I needed and after that I just started collecting starting with my own copy of the novel and a few random things here and there.

3. How long have you been collecting?

I’ve been collecting for quite some time now I think I may have started when I was 14 or 15

4. What is your favourite media version of Alice? (eg. book, film, stage show, game)

My favourite media version of Alice is the 1999 version of the movie with various famous people in it, this movie was one of the first Alice things I was exposed to as a kid and will probably be my favourite adaptations of all time due to the shear magic the movie has.


5. What is your favourite type of Alice in Wonderland thing to collect/focus on? (e.g. books, pins, Disney)

Where I live we don’t have many good places to buy wonderful merchandise, So I Usually just buy what I can (When I can afford it) other than that I just buy what looks cute or is really cool.

6. What are some of your favourite collection pieces?

My first favourite collection piece is a necklace shaped like a rabbit that my brother in law got me for Christmas as my Kris Kringle (he got me an Alice puzzle also) I love both a lot but the necklace is my favourite of the two I got that year



My second favourite collection piece is my manga version of the illustrations in the novel as well as my Japanese version of the book (Which also has manga illustrations) and that I can’t read but I love looking at the pictures


My third favourite collection piece is a clock made from an Alice in Wonderland golden book which is very cool and works well and connected to that is a bag that my sister bought me and a cute folder that my friend got me from the Japanese Disney store

DSC00013    DSC00018



before I write everything I own as my favourite I will only write this last favourite collection piece, which has a bit of sentimental value to me because it was a queen of hearts costume I designed and wore on my birthday it was also something I made with my mum (who I unfortunately lost last year) and she helped me figure out how to create something originally drawn on paper





7. What would you like more of in your collection?

I would love to expand my collection by homemade creations like paintings, jewellery, Costumes whatever comes to my head or just interesting things that are nonsense.

8. Have you been on any Alice themed adventures/days out? (eg day trips, parties, visited any where Alice related?)

I wish I lived somewhere close to Alice related places, however I have had an Alice in Wonderland birthday party (Which was a bit of a disaster but still a hoot) and soon in September I will be going to an Alice in Wonderland themed Ballet with my sister (So Excited)

9. Have you got any special memories/stories from collecting Alice in Wonderland?

I have this chair that I got with clocks all over it, I remember in the furniture store I was only meant to buy myself a bed but I saw the chair and I sat down and instantly regretted it because I fell in love with it and decided that I couldn’t get around smoothly without it (Which is kinda strange with my actual chair being a clothes dumping area,)

Also there was an interesting gothic/witch like store that a friend of mine loved going to all the time and I went with her a lot and one day in the shop there had an Alice in Wonderland deck of cards and it always surprises me how strange it was being there (Of course I bought them)DSC00012

10. Any collection goals or collection pieces on your wish list?

There is a cushion I want which looks like an Alice in Wonderland book (I really want it!) there was may times I was about to buy it only to my dismay of not having money.

I would also love to buy the Alice in the country of hearts manga’s at some point in the future

11. Can we get a peak at your little piece of Wonderland (your collection)?

This is minus clothing and various tea pots and cups I bought for my collection



Hope you all enjoy my current collection and I would love to collect more in the future.

Annoying people at concerts

If you are lucky to go to a concert at some stage at your life you notice all types of people,

Today I will list some from my experiences, I have been to many concerts and a lot of them were international singers (Korean)

1.  People who film everything

Now these are people you get in every concert and its annoying for the people behind them and you wonder why watch it though a screen when you can enjoy it with your eyes.

2. People who judge

Now I only really get this at Korean concerts, I noticed when some Asian people would watch me and whoever I was with and stare at us giving us an unwanted look. Now this isn’t every time but there is always at least one person.


One of my worst concert experiences was with a couple, so the standing area is already hard for me being the short self I am however the most annoying thing was this female male couple were hugging, snuggling kissing and blocking my only spot to see and what was even more annoying was that the guy didn’t even want to be there, so I’m sorry that my single self wanted to kick you both out of there but really… concerts aren’t for getting a room.

4. Dangerous Dancers

Now my most recent concert experience was at the Taylor Swift concert and I have to say that I’m surprised that I didn’t get hurt, so me and my sister were in sitting area and the person next to me had no sense of personal space and would  constantly almost wack me in the face or crash into me, her dangerous swaying made me uncomfortable.


Now this one is what I heard from someone else, there’s always that one fan who cries throughout however this person would whimper and look away almost crying, this is not annoying but kinda weird,

6. Screamers

Now I know I come into this category so I have much to say. there are these funny fans who scream even before the concert starts if there is a video playing or announcements come on they scream, I was once told sorry in advance about a person screaming and I told them that I would be just as loud so, I find that I’m one of those annoying screamers.

7. Scary Wrestlers

Now when I say this I mean the fans who turn into savages to get the things that the celebrities throw into the crowd, People forget to human at that point, luckily I’ve never been in the war zone.

8. Merchandise fiend

There is always one person who buys everything, and there are some who buy 10 of the same CD, I like to get what I can afford but there is that problem of nothing being left.

9.The Pee monster

Again this is me, there is always a moment where you need to go and its always at the worst time, I personally know how annoying this is and so do my friends (so sorry guys)

10. Crazy Stalkers

I’ve been to a few concerts so I know that there are a lot of people to try to follow the singer and watch them leaving, now I wouldn’t lie and saw I try as well but not to the point of stalking, these people stay in the same hotel they follow the car and come to the airport, these people cross the line.


that is all I have experienced for now and I know that there are more concerts to see so perhaps I will have another list again.

Well Happy reading

The struggles of a writer

I’m not a writer yet but I do know the struggles faced trying to become one.

here is a list of struggles I personally face when trying to write.

  1. Blocks (Dun, Dun, Dun)

Writers block is my biggest undoing, its a like a ghost is slowly swallowing your creative flow, I spend a lot of time in front of a blank document of page wanting to cry.

2.  Procrastination

Like writers block , Procrastination leaves you a blank document however I tend to procrastinate on purpose, I could write so much but other things get in the way, (Youtube for instance)

3. Too many ideas

You can spend hours on a story but where is it going? What’s the plot? Who is the main character? Don’t know? perhaps its the kingdom of ideas that run through your head. your ideas are unlimited and you struggle to finish the story you began.

4.Lots of distractions

When you write you need space and time so if you have a life outside of your writing, it becomes hard to write without someone interrupting you or you get busy in other areas (work is my writing undoing)

5. Scared to make it personal

most writers put at least one thing that they have experienced and the more you in the story the harder it is to write it.

6. Lost

I become very lost when writing and I can’t seem to find my way back again I fear that I will never know how to, this is where my stories ramble.

7. No plan

I tend not to plan anything and those are the stories that go nowhere, however the same thing happens when I do plan.

Well like most writing the ending is always muddled and so is this one

Oh well Happy Writing

No Worries

Right now is the first time I’ve felt so calm to the point of sleeping.

all my worries have either resolved themselves or disappeared entirely, today I resolved one that has been overwhelming me for many years and now I just feel so relaxed my head doesn’t hurt and I don’t have to pretend anymore and it feels good to finally feel whole again,

now it’s not perfect but I have finally taken the first step into a life that will bring my happiness, in the end I may not have a big house, good clothes, or fancy food but at least for now I will have a loving family and in the end that’s all that truly matters and you know what I would trade a lot of things for it to stay that way,

Family Is a sacrifice I’m willing to take, here, here!

anyway happy reading may your life be just as weird as mine

Making Excuses and types of Procrastination

I notice in my lifetime excuses are used all the time, Many instances includes procrastination in the equation.

I just had a convo with my sister asking her to help more with dishes and cleaning and she gave me a whole list of excuses

‘I was sick’ ‘I was tired’ ‘I was busy’ and even things like ‘I’m going to be busy in the next couple of weeks soon’ Here’s my translation “I’m dying get off my back”

Now I can’t say I don’t make excuses, I’m actually pretty bad but usually I have legit reasons for not doing anything, but what can we do making excuses comes naturally to us just like my next subject Procrastination.

I know that I have written about procrastination before but I felt like I should list types of procrastinating I do.

  1. The Internet guru type.

I think this is a very common type, I truly think the internet is my biggest procrastination tool, usually I just watch Youtube all day especially when I’m avoiding doing things, I surf the net (is that a thing anymore) and today I even used Google to insult my sister in different languages, I think over the years the internet has become a warped area where procrastination breeds, and I’ve scooped so low to even watch videos about procrastination to procrastinate.

2.  The House needs cleaning right now type.

Now I know I’m not one to talk, I clean the house to avoid work, the saying ‘Time to start that project due next week, but maybe after I sort out my dvd’s in alphabetical order and maybe even colour code my books’ This is the type of attitude that gets people in trouble, this type is very good if your house did need cleaning however I’m talking about ones that clean already clean things. (Gaah)

3. the Sudden Social Life type.

I can’t truthfully say that I sometimes use my friends to procrastinate and I can’t lie and say they don’t do it to me also, but I know from experience that I only socialise with a small amount of people so I usually talk to everyone when I’m procrastinating ‘Oh hey random person on the street, want to go shopping so I can put off my homework for another week!’ okay I’m not this bad but I do talk to people  I don’t really talk to when I’m procrastinating may even go out of my way to see them too.

4. Time to pay that bill finally, type.

This type isn’t all about the bills however it is about the people who decide to procrastinate by completing a different task that was procrastinated, ‘Oh hey I think it’s time to fix the leaking sink, oh the lawn looks like it should be mowed’ similar to the Cleaning type this type likes to do tasks that generally doesn’t need to be done or they get told to do it and don’t at the time.

5. The oh maybe I should sort out my things type.

Just like types 2 & 4 this type is really unnecessary, and this is one of my worst procrastination types, I would have a task or  responsibility to do and I would change my mind to think ‘lets sort my books, folders, Clothes, shoes,’ (you name it) And I would go out of my way.

There is many other types of procrastination but I can’t think of them right now.

So happy reading anyway.

When you Change song lyrics (Inappropriately)

I’ve noticed a lot that I change the lyrics to songs usually to offend my siblings or to make the song context into something messed up.

I do it a lot if I’m bored, try to change the word heart into the word arse and you have hours of fun.

Usually I change the words and start singing the first thing that comes to mind and most of them change to eating something, or somebody smelling bad (Immature I know)

Weird Al Yankovic is famous for his parodies and I wouldn’t be surprised when he writes them he starts off just improvising with songs on the radio.

So why should we change lyrics inappropriately, and I only have one answer for that,

Because its fun and stupid

Anyway Happy Reading

Trying to be Sneaky

So very soon is my mum’s birthday and for a while I didn’t know what to get her, however in my travels I bought beads and a bookmark that you make yourself, and I bought this a while ago and never got to it so today I started making it,

I terribly want to surprise her so I thought hiding the beads while she came to my room was the best thing I could do,

and I managed to hide them a couple of times under my pillow (I was making the bookmark on my bed) however when tea was ready she went to get me, and I thought I would try to get to the door before her, unluckily for me I was wearing socks and lost my footing on the floor (we have slippery floor boards) so I ended up slamming onto the floor while I was trying to not make a complete fool of myself.

Luckily mum thought I fell off my bed, and I told her I slipped but not why I did.

this is why I try not to be sneaky, it’s a hazard to me and others.

oh well, I’m still alive,

Happy Reading

What do you do, when you know that your sister is struggling,

You know it in your heart that she is putting on a face,

What do you do to comfort her,

What do you do when her friend is sick and will lose her fingers.

What do you do, what do you do….

There isn’t anything you can do… her losing her fingers is the only thing that can save her….

and all you can do is stand on the side lines watching,

Adulthood…and becoming mentally exhausted

We all have this moment when we get so worked up with all these demands and you already feel stressed out and overwhelmed.

Then out of nowhere something completely new comes along and messes you up, so you feel like your head has exploded and you can’t think, perhaps you feel extremely tired as well.

‘What does the world want with me?’ you think, and you get restless because everything seems to build up on your shoulders

and people start chanting ‘WELCOME TO ADULTHOOD’ and what they are really saying is ‘WELCOME TO HELL, we know you’ll love it here’ when really all you want to do is move to Neverland.

I feel my head is in error mode right now (where is Peter Pan when you need him)

Anyway Happy Reading