The Alice in Wonderland Collectors Tag!!!

Hi Everyone today I decided to try out a tag Otaku Prince Yuki created to show my Alice in wonderland collection,

I wasn’t sure how I was going to present this (I’m a little camera shy) so I decided to post it on my sad little blog.

So there are 11 questions and I shall start with the first one,

1. In the words of Caterpillar, who are you?

So my name is Kim I’m 22 years old and from Australia, I’m a bit odd and awkward at times but usually happy just making it up as I go.

2. So, why Alice? Why did you start collecting Alice in Wonderland stuff?

I came across one of the Alice in Wonderland books we had and decided to read a few years ago and fell in love with the story because it embraced the mad things that can happen and at the time my life was a roller coaster and it gave me the comfort I needed and after that I just started collecting starting with my own copy of the novel and a few random things here and there.

3. How long have you been collecting?

I’ve been collecting for quite some time now I think I may have started when I was 14 or 15

4. What is your favourite media version of Alice? (eg. book, film, stage show, game)

My favourite media version of Alice is the 1999 version of the movie with various famous people in it, this movie was one of the first Alice things I was exposed to as a kid and will probably be my favourite adaptations of all time due to the shear magic the movie has.


5. What is your favourite type of Alice in Wonderland thing to collect/focus on? (e.g. books, pins, Disney)

Where I live we don’t have many good places to buy wonderful merchandise, So I Usually just buy what I can (When I can afford it) other than that I just buy what looks cute or is really cool.

6. What are some of your favourite collection pieces?

My first favourite collection piece is a necklace shaped like a rabbit that my brother in law got me for Christmas as my Kris Kringle (he got me an Alice puzzle also) I love both a lot but the necklace is my favourite of the two I got that year



My second favourite collection piece is my manga version of the illustrations in the novel as well as my Japanese version of the book (Which also has manga illustrations) and that I can’t read but I love looking at the pictures


My third favourite collection piece is a clock made from an Alice in Wonderland golden book which is very cool and works well and connected to that is a bag that my sister bought me and a cute folder that my friend got me from the Japanese Disney store

DSC00013    DSC00018



before I write everything I own as my favourite I will only write this last favourite collection piece, which has a bit of sentimental value to me because it was a queen of hearts costume I designed and wore on my birthday it was also something I made with my mum (who I unfortunately lost last year) and she helped me figure out how to create something originally drawn on paper





7. What would you like more of in your collection?

I would love to expand my collection by homemade creations like paintings, jewellery, Costumes whatever comes to my head or just interesting things that are nonsense.

8. Have you been on any Alice themed adventures/days out? (eg day trips, parties, visited any where Alice related?)

I wish I lived somewhere close to Alice related places, however I have had an Alice in Wonderland birthday party (Which was a bit of a disaster but still a hoot) and soon in September I will be going to an Alice in Wonderland themed Ballet with my sister (So Excited)

9. Have you got any special memories/stories from collecting Alice in Wonderland?

I have this chair that I got with clocks all over it, I remember in the furniture store I was only meant to buy myself a bed but I saw the chair and I sat down and instantly regretted it because I fell in love with it and decided that I couldn’t get around smoothly without it (Which is kinda strange with my actual chair being a clothes dumping area,)

Also there was an interesting gothic/witch like store that a friend of mine loved going to all the time and I went with her a lot and one day in the shop there had an Alice in Wonderland deck of cards and it always surprises me how strange it was being there (Of course I bought them)DSC00012

10. Any collection goals or collection pieces on your wish list?

There is a cushion I want which looks like an Alice in Wonderland book (I really want it!) there was may times I was about to buy it only to my dismay of not having money.

I would also love to buy the Alice in the country of hearts manga’s at some point in the future

11. Can we get a peak at your little piece of Wonderland (your collection)?

This is minus clothing and various tea pots and cups I bought for my collection



Hope you all enjoy my current collection and I would love to collect more in the future.

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