Annoying people at concerts

If you are lucky to go to a concert at some stage at your life you notice all types of people,

Today I will list some from my experiences, I have been to many concerts and a lot of them were international singers (Korean)

1.  People who film everything

Now these are people you get in every concert and its annoying for the people behind them and you wonder why watch it though a screen when you can enjoy it with your eyes.

2. People who judge

Now I only really get this at Korean concerts, I noticed when some Asian people would watch me and whoever I was with and stare at us giving us an unwanted look. Now this isn’t every time but there is always at least one person.


One of my worst concert experiences was with a couple, so the standing area is already hard for me being the short self I am however the most annoying thing was this female male couple were hugging, snuggling kissing and blocking my only spot to see and what was even more annoying was that the guy didn’t even want to be there, so I’m sorry that my single self wanted to kick you both out of there but really… concerts aren’t for getting a room.

4. Dangerous Dancers

Now my most recent concert experience was at the Taylor Swift concert and I have to say that I’m surprised that I didn’t get hurt, so me and my sister were in sitting area and the person next to me had no sense of personal space and would  constantly almost wack me in the face or crash into me, her dangerous swaying made me uncomfortable.


Now this one is what I heard from someone else, there’s always that one fan who cries throughout however this person would whimper and look away almost crying, this is not annoying but kinda weird,

6. Screamers

Now I know I come into this category so I have much to say. there are these funny fans who scream even before the concert starts if there is a video playing or announcements come on they scream, I was once told sorry in advance about a person screaming and I told them that I would be just as loud so, I find that I’m one of those annoying screamers.

7. Scary Wrestlers

Now when I say this I mean the fans who turn into savages to get the things that the celebrities throw into the crowd, People forget to human at that point, luckily I’ve never been in the war zone.

8. Merchandise fiend

There is always one person who buys everything, and there are some who buy 10 of the same CD, I like to get what I can afford but there is that problem of nothing being left.

9.The Pee monster

Again this is me, there is always a moment where you need to go and its always at the worst time, I personally know how annoying this is and so do my friends (so sorry guys)

10. Crazy Stalkers

I’ve been to a few concerts so I know that there are a lot of people to try to follow the singer and watch them leaving, now I wouldn’t lie and saw I try as well but not to the point of stalking, these people stay in the same hotel they follow the car and come to the airport, these people cross the line.


that is all I have experienced for now and I know that there are more concerts to see so perhaps I will have another list again.

Well Happy reading

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