The struggles of a writer

I’m not a writer yet but I do know the struggles faced trying to become one.

here is a list of struggles I personally face when trying to write.

  1. Blocks (Dun, Dun, Dun)

Writers block is my biggest undoing, its a like a ghost is slowly swallowing your creative flow, I spend a lot of time in front of a blank document of page wanting to cry.

2.  Procrastination

Like writers block , Procrastination leaves you a blank document however I tend to procrastinate on purpose, I could write so much but other things get in the way, (Youtube for instance)

3. Too many ideas

You can spend hours on a story but where is it going? What’s the plot? Who is the main character? Don’t know? perhaps its the kingdom of ideas that run through your head. your ideas are unlimited and you struggle to finish the story you began.

4.Lots of distractions

When you write you need space and time so if you have a life outside of your writing, it becomes hard to write without someone interrupting you or you get busy in other areas (work is my writing undoing)

5. Scared to make it personal

most writers put at least one thing that they have experienced and the more you in the story the harder it is to write it.

6. Lost

I become very lost when writing and I can’t seem to find my way back again I fear that I will never know how to, this is where my stories ramble.

7. No plan

I tend not to plan anything and those are the stories that go nowhere, however the same thing happens when I do plan.

Well like most writing the ending is always muddled and so is this one

Oh well Happy Writing

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