Making Excuses and types of Procrastination

I notice in my lifetime excuses are used all the time, Many instances includes procrastination in the equation.

I just had a convo with my sister asking her to help more with dishes and cleaning and she gave me a whole list of excuses

‘I was sick’ ‘I was tired’ ‘I was busy’ and even things like ‘I’m going to be busy in the next couple of weeks soon’ Here’s my translation “I’m dying get off my back”

Now I can’t say I don’t make excuses, I’m actually pretty bad but usually I have legit reasons for not doing anything, but what can we do making excuses comes naturally to us just like my next subject Procrastination.

I know that I have written about procrastination before but I felt like I should list types of procrastinating I do.

  1. The Internet guru type.

I think this is a very common type, I truly think the internet is my biggest procrastination tool, usually I just watch Youtube all day especially when I’m avoiding doing things, I surf the net (is that a thing anymore) and today I even used Google to insult my sister in different languages, I think over the years the internet has become a warped area where procrastination breeds, and I’ve scooped so low to even watch videos about procrastination to procrastinate.

2.  The House needs cleaning right now type.

Now I know I’m not one to talk, I clean the house to avoid work, the saying ‘Time to start that project due next week, but maybe after I sort out my dvd’s in alphabetical order and maybe even colour code my books’ This is the type of attitude that gets people in trouble, this type is very good if your house did need cleaning however I’m talking about ones that clean already clean things. (Gaah)

3. the Sudden Social Life type.

I can’t truthfully say that I sometimes use my friends to procrastinate and I can’t lie and say they don’t do it to me also, but I know from experience that I only socialise with a small amount of people so I usually talk to everyone when I’m procrastinating ‘Oh hey random person on the street, want to go shopping so I can put off my homework for another week!’ okay I’m not this bad but I do talk to people  I don’t really talk to when I’m procrastinating may even go out of my way to see them too.

4. Time to pay that bill finally, type.

This type isn’t all about the bills however it is about the people who decide to procrastinate by completing a different task that was procrastinated, ‘Oh hey I think it’s time to fix the leaking sink, oh the lawn looks like it should be mowed’ similar to the Cleaning type this type likes to do tasks that generally doesn’t need to be done or they get told to do it and don’t at the time.

5. The oh maybe I should sort out my things type.

Just like types 2 & 4 this type is really unnecessary, and this is one of my worst procrastination types, I would have a task or  responsibility to do and I would change my mind to think ‘lets sort my books, folders, Clothes, shoes,’ (you name it) And I would go out of my way.

There is many other types of procrastination but I can’t think of them right now.

So happy reading anyway.

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