Trying to be Sneaky

So very soon is my mum’s birthday and for a while I didn’t know what to get her, however in my travels I bought beads and a bookmark that you make yourself, and I bought this a while ago and never got to it so today I started making it,

I terribly want to surprise her so I thought hiding the beads while she came to my room was the best thing I could do,

and I managed to hide them a couple of times under my pillow (I was making the bookmark on my bed) however when tea was ready she went to get me, and I thought I would try to get to the door before her, unluckily for me I was wearing socks and lost my footing on the floor (we have slippery floor boards) so I ended up slamming onto the floor while I was trying to not make a complete fool of myself.

Luckily mum thought I fell off my bed, and I told her I slipped but not why I did.

this is why I try not to be sneaky, it’s a hazard to me and others.

oh well, I’m still alive,

Happy Reading

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