When you Change song lyrics (Inappropriately)

I’ve noticed a lot that I change the lyrics to songs usually to offend my siblings or to make the song context into something messed up.

I do it a lot if I’m bored, try to change the word heart into the word arse and you have hours of fun.

Usually I change the words and start singing the first thing that comes to mind and most of them change to eating something, or somebody smelling bad (Immature I know)

Weird Al Yankovic is famous for his parodies and I wouldn’t be surprised when he writes them he starts off just improvising with songs on the radio.

So why should we change lyrics inappropriately, and I only have one answer for that,

Because its fun and stupid

Anyway Happy Reading

Trying to be Sneaky

So very soon is my mum’s birthday and for a while I didn’t know what to get her, however in my travels I bought beads and a bookmark that you make yourself, and I bought this a while ago and never got to it so today I started making it,

I terribly want to surprise her so I thought hiding the beads while she came to my room was the best thing I could do,

and I managed to hide them a couple of times under my pillow (I was making the bookmark on my bed) however when tea was ready she went to get me, and I thought I would try to get to the door before her, unluckily for me I was wearing socks and lost my footing on the floor (we have slippery floor boards) so I ended up slamming onto the floor while I was trying to not make a complete fool of myself.

Luckily mum thought I fell off my bed, and I told her I slipped but not why I did.

this is why I try not to be sneaky, it’s a hazard to me and others.

oh well, I’m still alive,

Happy Reading

What do you do, when you know that your sister is struggling,

You know it in your heart that she is putting on a face,

What do you do to comfort her,

What do you do when her friend is sick and will lose her fingers.

What do you do, what do you do….

There isn’t anything you can do… her losing her fingers is the only thing that can save her….

and all you can do is stand on the side lines watching,

Adulthood…and becoming mentally exhausted

We all have this moment when we get so worked up with all these demands and you already feel stressed out and overwhelmed.

Then out of nowhere something completely new comes along and messes you up, so you feel like your head has exploded and you can’t think, perhaps you feel extremely tired as well.

‘What does the world want with me?’ you think, and you get restless because everything seems to build up on your shoulders

and people start chanting ‘WELCOME TO ADULTHOOD’ and what they are really saying is ‘WELCOME TO HELL, we know you’ll love it here’ when really all you want to do is move to Neverland.

I feel my head is in error mode right now (where is Peter Pan when you need him)

Anyway Happy Reading

Being the Short Friend

I’ve had been though so many moments when I’m the short friend, Actually most of the time I am and Its sad.

I’m not even all that short (158.5cm isn’t that short) but compared to my friends and family I am, I’m shorter than my two best friends and they like picking on me for it, sad thing is I’m second oldest too,

My younger friend is taller than everyone and that’s very sad for me because I instantly feel both old and short.

Now being short isn’t all that bad however most of the time it sucks because simple tasks like reaching things is hard, I constantly have to reach at work to grab things and most of the time I have to ask someone else to grab it for me it’s a hassle a lot of the time because I feel like I’m being a pain.

It’s annoying to be constantly called short and being used as arm rests and the awkward hugs I give people taller than me, (usually I get a shoulder in the face or something)

Oh well there is nothing I can do now I’ve stopped growing, so I will remain this height for a while (Sigh)

I guess I will have to learn to like it. (That’s going to take a long time)

Anyway Happy Reading