Snow deprived

In the 20 years of my life I have never seen snow in person ever, I live in Australia and where I’m from It gets really cold but never snows, and when it does I’m never around (So Frustrating)

It has only snowed once really close to where I live and it only lasted about an hour and even then the snow was extremely gross and dirty.

I’m not saying it doesn’t snow ever, in some places it snows all winter and there is snow in the mountains, just where I’m from it never snows.

I’ve always wanted to have a white Christmas my whole life, in Australia its always summer at the end of the year, so a white Christmas has never been possible even if it did snow more often.


One of my biggest wishes is to see snow, and even more to have a white Christmas, one day I guess

Oh Well Happy Reading anyway

How Asian Music has Changed my everything

I’m expecting Nyan Cat to start flying through the sky from the cheesiness of my blog title.

I’ve been listening to Asian music for years, it started with Japanese music and started quickly evolving to Kpop and many others

I started due to my obsession to Japanese things especially animes, I started to listen to the opening and endings of all different anime series, I enjoyed drawing characters and cosplaying I think in this moment I actually started to find who I was, Me and my friend started learning the dances from the songs we listened to and by doing that we discovered Korean pop.

What was so fascinating about it, who knows however we were hooked, and carelessly we hooked my sister in too (oops)

The music is so addictive and so catchy, and well I would be crazy not to say that the male singers were also additive to watch, I think Kpop has made my expectations way too high for its own good,

However I became adventurous with my Asian music (kinda)

I Think as a whole Asian music has changed the person I am, I’m not afraid to be myself, I may not fully understand the lyrics however like all music you feel it within. I will always love Asian music.

I will forever be out of the loop, But that’s who I am.

Happy Reading

Food craving Struggles

I’ve been craving Sushi for a couple of days and finally had it today,

And because of that craving I decided to talk about the intense struggles of craving a certain food or drink.

The biggest struggle I find is that no other food satisfies you, you can’t just eat something else and even if you do you still crave the other food

My friend has the most intense food cravings and goes out of her way to eat it, because it’s just too important not to go to the ends of the earth to eat it

When I crave food I get to a stage where I begin sounding like lemongrab from adventure time I start leaning on walls and act dramaticly until my craving is gone “THIS IS UNEXCEPTABLE!!”

My cravings became even worst when I decided to enter a rations challenge with my friend, the challenge was to cook and prepare food using only water, rice, a small amount of fish, flour, salt, split peas and oil. It was terrible and both me and my friend lasted only 2 days rather than the 6 we were expected, (whoops)

I craved chocolate so bad it consumed me and I became so distort, so was my friend she craved nuggets and milk drinks, so we finished the challenge early, I always wondered what would have happened if we finished the challenge at the right time, however I barely survived the first day… man food cravings…

Anyway happy Reading

When words fail you

Will I manage to keep this line……

I am new to writing and It seems more often I press the backspace button, Words fail me, even right now they fail me.

Its a scary thing to try and put your thoughts on something for all to see, its a scary world I am joining, Words themselves are bloody frighting,


What makes words so scary, they are just a bunch of letters bunched together, but what if words aren’t just that.

After all the best stories, you can feel with everything inside you, even the spoken words can cause fear, pain, even happiness, So why can words fail you,

I guess it could be that you try to express yourself through words, but even they can’t fully do the job, because words are only one form of expression and they can fail you because…. they’re just words.


I don’t know how to end this, I guess the Words did fail me, Oh well Happy Reading.

the Art of Procrastination

Hey long time right!

well I guess ive been pretty slack, I’ve noticed that whenever someone doesn’t post a new video, blog whatever. the first thing they blame is their tendency to procrastinate.

I know what you are thinking, you’ve been procrastinating too, and that would be very correct.

However I think that procrastination is an art that we all follow depending on the task, I’ve been procrastinating on the small tasks, ive been procrastinating the big life changing things, but I think procrastination is something that we do to feel young again,

I’ve noticed the children especially under the age of 5, can and will do whatever they like, they don’t have to worry about tasks due or work so what do the kids do, everything, they dont need to procrastinate

It is only when we reach school age that we start to really procrastinate, the last thing we want to do is work sheets and boring tasks so we start worrying about things that dont really matter, like housework and cleaning.

I doubt if you told your teacher that the reason you didnt start your work was because you were cleaning your house or  mowing your lawn or any other hard sounding tasks that were way too great to ignore. There is definately no way you could tell them the reason was because of Procrastination.

I remember a time at school when I was in year 12, my whole english class had to finish a novel in a certain amount of time but no one did, it was because the book was bleek and boring and none of us wanted to read it, so when my teacher found out we were all forced to finish it that day and punished by not hearing the end of it.

So what I learnt was not to mess with the school system….. nah not really I still procrastinate however I think its worst when you procrastinate your own work and tasks that you want to finish, work can wait I need to finish this blog.

2nd TBR

The next TBR I’m reading is classic novel Treasure island by Robert Louis Stevenson, this book is one that my mum owns so I think it will be an interesting book to read,

My previous TBR Tomb Raider was a very good book, I had a little trouble reading near the middle but I hit the climax and couldn’t put it down.

Im curious to find out my next TBR but until then

Happy reading all!

20 Bathroom Pet Peeves

Bathrooms are usually fight starters,

Daily you hear people yelling and banging on the door for someone to get out and its annoying because most people only have one bathroom that they have to share with multiple people

So ive decided to write up my biggest pet peeves in the bathroom

  1. Towels going missing
  2. People using  your towel as a bath mat
  3. Shampoo runs out
  4. Toothpaste runs out
  5. Shower gel runs out
  6. Flood in bathroom
  7. Walking around in socks but the floor is wet
  8. Shower has a queue
  9. No lock on bathroom door
  10. Door doesn’t shut properly
  11. Steam overload
  12. Hair everywhere
  13. Music is full blast in the bathroom but you still can’t hear it in the shower
  14. Routine takes too long
  15. People who have showers late at night
  16. People who have showers too early in the morning
  17. Line skipping
  18. No hot water left
  19. Shower gets cold suddenly
  20. The struggle of leaving the shower

Ahh the struggle, we are all gulity of these so I guess I can’t really complain too much.

Pro’s and Con’s of sharing a bedroom with a sibling

Most of my life sharing was a must in my family, I was forced to share with all my siblings at least once at some point, and I’ve only had my own room twice so here’s the pro’s and con’s of sharing your room



  • Cleaning the room is alot easier because you can blame the mess on you sibling and not have to do the work
  • Always a sleepover
  • Never loney
  • Having an excuse to talk for hours
  • Warmer in Winter
  • Good if you share the same interests
  • Room only for sleeping and nothing else
  • Get to boss them around
  • Always have help
  • Someone to look after you
  • Someone to protect you


  • Get sick of eachother
  • Bad bed arrangements (bunk beds)
  • Always fighting
  • Having different sleeping habits
  • Messy habits
  • Personal space invasion
  • Snoring
  • Waking eachother up
  • stuffy in Summer
  • Noisy
  • Nosy
  • Hog the space
  • Small space
  • Nothing in common
  • Older sibling gets everything
  • forced to clean after your sibling
  • clothes gets sorted together
  • Boss you around
  • Have to leave when they invite their friends
  • Can’t have the room to yourself
  • Sharing in general
  • Don’t wake up on time
  • Night owls
  • Too clean
  • Having to share alot

And an added bonus

  • having to share a room when you have your own room, (Thats the worst)

To all those who share a room with a sibling, I know the feeling so hang in there it doesnt last forever,

the craziness of family

Family is well important, they get you through your troubles and help you no matter what, however they also cause more problems than fix them,

They make it hard to grow up, they make it hard to move on, they make it hard to be an adult,

But they make life alot easier and strange enough help you overcome mistakes.

They make you mad and you hate them but at the same time you love them, leaving you in a tornado of frustration,

Why is it so hard to hold a grudge towards them, why is it so hard to hate them forever,

I guess its because you know it would be the biggest mistake of your life if you did.

Family what can I say can’t live with them can’t live without them and thats life.